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What we do

Having provided insurance solutions for over 15 years, we at Business Specialty Insurance Solutions understand the importance of providing you with a comprehensive insurance and risk management program that is custom-fit to your needs. The companies we choose to represent you are some of the finest in the industry.

Business Package Policy

At Business Specialty Insurance Services we understand that each business is different. We take pride in the variety of businesses we insure each year and have worked with our team to create policies that cover a variety of risks.

We provide our clients the ease to choose from different policy covers and help them tailor this coverage into one package!

Explore what we have to offer and we will help you create a business package policy that really protects.

Business Insurance

Hospitality Insurance

The hospitality industry is rapidly growing and expanding into several fields and each one is complex and dynamic in its own ways. At Business Insurance Solutions Services, we understand the needs of the many fields that exist within the hospitality industry.

From Hotels to motels to restaurants to cafes, we have the right solutions no matter what your insurance needs. With years of experience we can proudly say that our hospitality industry clients never go anywhere else.

Business Insurance Solutions Services provides coverage to the hospitality industry by providing several insurance program coverages. We make life easy by providing everything the hospitality industry sectors need, so you do not have to shop anywhere else for insurance!

Hospitality Insurance

Workers Compensation

Business Specialty Insurance Solutions works with your company and recognizes the importance of keeping workers safe. Because of our years of experience, we understand workers compensation risk better than our competitors.

This is why we can offer more flexible programs and the right coverage based on your distinctive exposures and monetary objectives. As the nation’s leading workers compensation provider, we have the experience, resources, and data to provide the best claims services and steady superior outcomes.

Workers Compensation
Some of the National Brands we insure

Other Programs

Each Oganization has its own challenges, its own goals and its own strategies. At Business Specialty Insurance Solutions, we create Insurance policies that keep your business moving forward, always. Experience the many services we provide and discover why we are one of the leading commercial insurers. We provide practically all kinds of standard and customized Commercial insurance policies. Whatever your requirements, just call us!

Some more of our Specialized Programs are:

Our Promise

At Business Specialty Insurance Solutions, our team of Personal Insurance, Business Insurance, and Employee Benefits advisors excel in managing your insurance needs and provide you with protection that never fails.

Individual Attention

We design our policies with your needs in mind and our qualified staff strives to provide excellence in service, making insuring everything hassle free. With years of expertise, our insurance service is unmatched and we let you focus on your business!

Top of the Line Carriers

With only the top insurance companies on our panel, we provide you and your business with only the best. We provide our policyholders with unmatched service and expertise to ensure they have peace of mind at all times.

Excellent Coverage

Whether you're looking for workers compensation insurance, cyber liability, general liability or professional liability for your business, we are committed to helping you find the most affordable and comprehensive insurance plan.

Outstanding Service

Once you have experienced how we work at Business Specialty Insurance, you will see the difference in quality and outstanding service we provide. We are a highly-motivated team dedicated to providing the best products & service to our customers.